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Promotion of Total Worker Health and Safety through
the Healthy, Safety, and Happy Workplace Project

Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Diseases

Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Diseases, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand has launched the Healthy, Safety, and Happy Workplace Project since 2012. The aims of this project were to promote the total worker health among employees and to strengthen the high risk workplaces to conduct the holistic health care services for workers.

The key massages of the project are total worker health and safety, and physical and mental well-being. The principles of project implementation are; 1) to collaborate with the related agencies including Department of Health and Department of Mental Health 2) to develop the criteria of the Healthy, Safety and Happy Workplace based on WHO’s Healthy Workplace 2008 guideline and holistic health and safety risk assessment and management 3) to train prototype facilitators among related agencies 4) to obtain and develop new knowledge during the project implementation and 5) to monitor and evaluate the project both of provincial and national levels.

Currently, there are two major approaches for this project: 1) Engagement of workplaces to the project 2) holistic health and safety risk assessment and management. Due to the first approach, the criteria of the Healthy, Safety, and Happy Workplace Project compose of 4 parts including the leadership engagement, diseases prevention, work safety and mental and physical well-being. Meanwhile, the second approach include following activities; 1) health and safety hazard identification, 2) risk analysis and management plan, 3) risk control, 4) connection and collaboration with local health service providers, 5) set up return to work management program in the workplace and 6) monitoring and evaluation.

Lesson learned: The collaboration among related national and local health and safety agencies is the crucial mechanism to drive sustainable of this project. In some group of workplaces, according to the policy of their headquarters, this project could extended to all affiliates to conduct the activities following the project approaches. Capacity building of facilitators and knowledge sharing are the key successful factors to strengthen the workplaces to perform the project continuously.